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Happy Thanksgiving from Everyone at Bovo-Tighe!

happy thanksgiving

We wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday weekend, and a great start to the 2017 Holiday Season. Take the time to appreciate family and friends, and give thanks for the many good things that have come our way this year. We certainly appreciate all of you, our clients, co-workers and friends, for the support and business you have brought our way this year.

For 28 years we have focused passionately on a simple purpose:

To help leaders leverage completely the strengths and talents of themselves, and the people around them, in business and in their personal lives.

Throughout these three decades, we have been honored to share our visions and the principles that help us become all of what each of us is made to be. Our results have helped change professional and personal mindsets, one heart and one mind at a time. We will always find our work with you incredibly fulfilling and rewarding!

Thank you, then, for the opportunity to make a thoughtful, focused contribution to forging highly productive balances in the professional and personal worlds of you and your employees.

Please also accept our deepest thanks for teaching us, supporting us and helping us fulfill our passion to serve!

Finally, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the gift of referrals many of you have sent our way this year. It has once again been a particularly gratifying year in that regard, with over 90% of the new clients we engaged this year coming through these referrals.

Happy Thanksgiving from Bovo-Tighe


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