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Dealing with new ideas and implementing change is a difficult task for any person let alone an Organization. Yet most are going through some sort of transformation. According to Harvard’s 2018 State of Leadership Development Report, “86% of organizations have had recent experience with transformation”. Whether these transformational forces are welcome or not, it’s important to have the proper tools, people and plans in place to succeed.

Change requires strong leadership from the top, and demands action from every level of the organization. Considering the dynamic environment in which most organizations are functioning, it’s imperative every person understand their role, can perform it successfully, and continue to reach and set new goals. This dynamic environment also requires everyone to understand their significance to the organization and feel it. The more closely aligned one is to a job’s required competencies, observable behaviors and driving forces, the more likely they are to succeed and help move the organization towards better.

How can this be accomplished?  Bovo-Tighe can provide you with a process to identify a specific job’s competencies, behaviors and drivers. This DNA Position Analysis (DNA PA) gives the job an opportunity to speak for itself, asking specific questions of key stakeholders in a company, “What does this job need to be most successful?”.

Once you have used a tool like the DNA PA to develop a clear profile for positions vital to your organization, you can use this information in a few ways. First it provides insight into current employee’s capabilities, style fit with your organization, and key motivations, which can be extremely helpful during developmental discussions. Even more powerfully, interview questions are developed directly from the profile, which can be extremely helpful during an interview process. All potential candidates can be assessed alongside the job profile, giving instant feedback.

With this data you can get a firm grasp of where you are, and what you need to do to move towards better. Having this type of data and investing time and energy into your current and future employees are essential for ensuring successful transformations and their sustainability.

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