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From Summer Break to Fall Energy – Make the Most of Your Recharged Self


We often mourn the end of summer, with its warm days and slower schedule, but the end of summer leaves us with a gift that could keep on giving well into Fall. It is the gift of a recharged mind and fresh energy that sets us up to choose a productive path into the hustle and bustle of Fall.

With the more hectic pace comes a return to typical workplace stress levels, too, but that doesn’t have to be bad, either. Humans are built to handle bursts of stress, as long as we understand what drives it, and have tools in place to manage it.

Here are some steps to take to ensure you don’t fritter away this precious summer gift of renewed energy and purpose.

  1. Admit you will miss the summer mindset. This is not admitting weakness. People need time to rest and renew their energy and commitments. Be proud you took the time to take care of yourself!
  2. Remember: Summer will return in just eight months! Don’t start planning next year’s Summer vacation just yet (save that for a drizzly day in March) but remind yourself that this is “see you later,” not “goodbye.”
  3. Inject a Summer mindset in your Fall Activities. Use your weekends to recapture some of that Summer relaxation. Visit the beach for a long Autumn walk. Catch the turning leaves in October. Take in a Friday night football game at the local high school, even if you have no kids going there. Talk to the people next to you to deepen the experience, and your connection to the community. Go see that nearby national or state park you “always meant to see.”
  4. Remember: The Holidays are coming! The next season of celebration is just around the corner. Start taking steps now to enjoy them by getting organized about your priorities and to-do list for the next two months. What can you do NOW to make the end of December a real restorative mini-break of its own, rather than a rushed, stressful experience? (Think of it as plunking a bit of the Summer mindset right into the start of the Winter season.)

Summer is a wonderful time of slower pacing and relaxation, but Fall is just as fantastic with its shift to a more active professional and personal life. Dive with enthusiasm into work projects, personal projects, social projects. Fall may not offer memorable vacations, but it does give you plenty of other chances to create rich, and rewarding experiences to keep your work and life in balance!Help Productivity

What are your plans for Fall weekends? Do you have a bucket list ready, or do you play it by ear?

And how can we help you get your team revved up for Fall, or get your group finely tuned for roaring into 2017?

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