Unleashing the full capacity of your people

Employee Engagement is simply the Foundation for Excellence

Let’s clear up a misunderstanding about employee engagement: It is not an end unto itself, but the first stage in fostering a productive, contributory culture in your company that innovates better, competes better and therefore is more profitable.

Think about what engagement means to people in love (outside of work, mind you): It is a declaration of commitment, to marriage, making a comfortable home, bearing children and successfully raising them, and ultimately to enjoying a golden retirement together.

So it is with engaging employees: The goal is not engagement for its own sake, but using engagement to achieve business goals “faster, better, cheaper,” to borrow NASA’s phrase.

Full engagement is a pre-condition to success:

  • It instills the right positive mindsets, that lead to
  • Embedding a culture of effective teamwork and involvement, that leads to
  • Each employee making a full contribution to executing the business plan, that leads to
  • Improvements and enhancements to the business or its plan that make it even better.

 And so on: “Rinse and repeat,” if you will, every year from now on.

You cannot exceed expectations without fully engaged employees. Get to work laying that Foundation of Excellence today.

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