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Ditch the Yearly Performance Review

This time of the year can be hectic, no doubt, but its important to take time to reflect and set personal and professional goals for the coming year. Don’t just focus on monetary or gains or career progression—both are great but establishing a personal mission statement to help keep you focused is extremely helpful. By creating your own mission statement, you can make clearer goals, prioritizing the things that align with your mission statement. A quality mission statement includes three things:

  1. Your skills and abilities (what you like to do)
  2. Your personality traits (how you operate)
  3. Your values, dreams and passions (why you want to excel)

Like employee performance reviews, this is a list and statement that should be updated ritually, not just at the end or beginning of each year. A main Pillar of Leadership at Bovo-Tighe is Feedback. Feedback is essential in building trust and should be viewed as a gift. It shows you care and want to help someone move towards better. And just like a gift, it should be given during certain occasions. So, if you are only sitting down with an employee and providing important face-to-face feedback once a year, there’s a chance you may be leaving a lot on the table. A better alternative is a frequent check-in.  These smaller conversations can be held monthly or weekly, at the end of each project, or whatever time table works for your people.

The goal would be to talk with the employee, asking questions that show you care and intend to build trust. There are a variety of questions you can ask based on role, relationship and performance:

  1. What are your short- and long-term goals? —track them!
  2. Are you comfortable/satisfied with your role and responsibilities?
  3. What challenges are you facing?
  4. How can I better support you?
  5. What can be improved or fixed?

Whatever questions you ask, taking the time more than once a year will make a big difference. Time for quality feedback is the best time to spend.

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