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Leaders: Make the Best of a “Bad Hire.” Fix Bad Job Fit

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We have written more than once about how infectious great leadership behavior is, and how it drives up team engagement and productivity.

The inverse situation is all too common, too: Poor attitudes and negative behavior can infect a team with low morale and depressed productivity.

As a leader, you need to remain alert for such developments, and work actively to isolate and fix the source of the negative influence.…

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Good Employees Still Need Guidance – Do Not Neglect Them!

three happy employees Measure, track and review results with every employee each month, not just the laggards. Reviewing every employee’s progress toward mutually set goals is much more effective in building the high-engagement team culture you seek.

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Bovo-Tighe Helps Shell Stones Deepwater Project Break New Ground

Shell Stones FPSO Turritella Bovo-Tighe played a critical role in helping Shell Energy Company develop and launch the multi-billion-dollar Stones Ultra-Deepwater drilling project. Our impact - Fostering a high level of intra and intergroup collaboration and leadership that led to 13 million construction man-hours go without a single safety incident. Click through to learn more.

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