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Situational Awareness—Mindful Moment

Bovo-Tighe November Leaves You may have been taught about the Mindful Moment and its usefulness in the workplace; well it also works well around the dinner table and at family gatherings. We’ve all had those holiday functions that we just rather not attend for one reason or another. But instead of having too many eggnogs and burning a few bridges with “that one” relative, take a step back and ask yourself a few questions before further engaging and doing something regrettable.

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Ditch the Yearly Performance Review

This time of the year can be hectic, no doubt, but its important to take time to reflect and set personal and professional goals for the coming year. Don’t just focus on monetary or gains or career progression—both are great but establishing a personal mission statement to help keep you focused is extremely helpful.

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Investing in People Assets has Huge ROI

Human Development ROI Bovo-Tighe Investing in people derives greater ROI than investing in physical assets. The cost of one new machine could cover leadership development for 100 front-line managers. And it offers a key competitive advantage, since most organizations have yet to cotton on to this simple idea. What advantages do you gain?

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Do Employees Really Want Small Talk with the Boss?

Leadership small talk builds relationships A recent article in the Harvard Business Review disparaged small talk as an effective leadership tool. We disagree. Used judiciously, small talk sets the table for more open, trusting, respectful business conversations between boss and subordinate. Click through for our explanation.

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