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Sleep Deprivation and Leadership

Bovo Tighe Leadership Sleep Deprivation Cognitive flexibility is particularly affected by sleep deprivation, much more so than most other cognitive processes involved in decision-making. Why is that critical? Because cognitive flexibility is considered a key executive function. Thinking and acting well in a crisis, for instance. So, get more sleep.

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Favoritism is Corrosive to Workplace Morale – Change that Lazy Habit!

Leadership habits favoritism bad habit, kids soccer team celebrating Favoritism as a leadership habit corrodes employee morale and reduces engagement. How to eliminate this bad habit? Fours steps to take.

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A Halloween Golden Oldie from 2015: Workplace Zombies!

Bovo-Tighe treat is workplace zombies

Happy Halloween! How much of a drag is it to have on a Tuesday? Teachers are struggling to keep class under control, and parents have to rush home to get the costumes arranged, the candy by the door and the kids ushered around the neighborhood!

And then everyone gets to go back to school and work the next morning. Yikes!

On the other hand, there was a full weekend before …

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Define the Purpose of Work for Each Employee

Employees exploring purpose Successful bosses in any generation usually stumbled upon leadership mindsets that triggered deeper employee engagement, but such interpersonal approaches were not taught, nor encouraged. These approaches are now taught, and encouraged. Read more about this.

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Bovo-Tighe Impressed with Brain Science Behind TTI Assessment Tools

tti success insights meeting notes TTI Success Insights put on a great conference in January, exploring advances in brain science that are continually improving our ability to understand our own habits and biases, and how to control and change them to improve leadership outcomes.

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Three Talent Development Trends to Track for 2017

Leaders Trends 2017 Key talent development trends to track as we approach 2017: Leadership growth accelerates with diverse organizational experiences, exposure to multiple stakeholders in a meaningful way, and heightened human capital analytics that really track progress and ROI. Click through for more depth on this.

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