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Leaders: Make the Best of a “Bad Hire.” Fix Bad Job Fit

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We have written more than once about how infectious great leadership behavior is, and how it drives up team engagement and productivity.

The inverse situation is all too common, too: Poor attitudes and negative behavior can infect a team with low morale and depressed productivity.

As a leader, you need to remain alert for such developments, and work actively to isolate and fix the source of the negative influence.…

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Favoritism is Corrosive to Workplace Morale – Change that Lazy Habit!

Leadership habits favoritism bad habit, kids soccer team celebrating Favoritism as a leadership habit corrodes employee morale and reduces engagement. How to eliminate this bad habit? Fours steps to take.

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Help the Cream Rise – Fostering Leadership Growth

Let leadership talent develop organically Organizations try to choose talented employees and nurture them as future leaders. This leads to poor choices. So, create a system where the true cream of the talent pool rises to the top naturally.

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A Halloween Golden Oldie from 2015: Workplace Zombies!

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Happy Halloween! How much of a drag is it to have on a Tuesday? Teachers are struggling to keep class under control, and parents have to rush home to get the costumes arranged, the candy by the door and the kids ushered around the neighborhood!

And then everyone gets to go back to school and work the next morning. Yikes!

On the other hand, there was a full weekend before …

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