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How to Work with a Jerk

How to Fix a Jerk at Work Relationships

We all have experience working with jerks. It is part of the landscape of corporate America. We get a job that throws us into a diverse mix of people, some of whom act in ways that you might consider jerky. The offenders could be on our team or on teams with whom we collaborate. And you have to figure out how to work with them!

We wrote about this way …

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Leadership Habit Change: Swap Negative for Positive!

Adopt Positive Leadership Mindset Building a positive-outlook mindset improves leadership outcomes. Replace unengaging, negative behavior sets that imped your own success by demotivating and disengaging your followers.

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Leadership Habit Changes You Need for 2018

2018 Leadership Habit Change for YOU Why are lower-level managers largely left to fend for themselves in growing good leadership habits? If managers are not properly trained to deliver the engagement activities, or the feedback loop that builds trust, employee engagement suffers needlessly. Studies find that 98% of managers feel they and their cohorts need more training. How can you deliver this within your group on a tight budget? We have a few thoughts that may help.

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