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Brooke Bovo Featured Speaker at TTISI Winter Conference

Screenshot 2016-01-22 08.54.07 (2)Our Co-Founder Brooke Bovo spoke this month to the annual winter conference of TTI Success Insights on the topic of “Role Benchmarking.” Working with an audience of talent development professionals, she took them through how to leverage the power of role analysis to create and implement more effective talent development programs.

Brooke cited several case studies with Fortune 500 clients who have used job benchmarking tools in a new way: Role Benchmarking. This is aligned with and complementary to job benchmarking, with this twist: The goal is to define and measure the habit changes a team of interdisciplinary professionals need to make to dramatically increase productivity.

“Without clarity around where your talent sits today,” said Brooke, “the match between skill sets and job roles, and a deeper understanding of the values that drive each of your people, you cannot create and run a talent development program that will measurably and sustainably improve productivity.”

The measurement is key: Using available assessment tools to properly benchmark job roles has allowed Bovo-Tighe to achieve two goals:

  • Measure improvements gained through talent development
  • Focus teams on identifying and bridging the right gaps in skill and motivation
  • Better align both skill and passion with the right objectives

“We want the right people in the right seat on the right bus, with a driver who knows where the team has to go!”

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Brooke’s new role benchmarking approach has drastically increased the engagement of the intact teams with whom she has worked.

For more on Role Benchmarking, Job Benchmarking, or how to properly apply these tools to better support effective talent development, contact Brooke.

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