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Brooke Bovo at TTI Winter Conference: Love Your Clients, Not Your Expertise

We believe in sharing ideas, successes, lessons learned. The exchange of experiences and “things that work for us” with other professionals makes us all better at what we do.
In that spirit, our founders Brooke and Dave are always honored to speak at conferences of our peers like the Target Training International (TTI) Winter Conference held this week in Phoenix.
Our presentation focused on the “magic” that allows you to develop deep, long-lasting relationships with clients that bring great value to both parties. We encapsulate this in the simple phrase:

“Fall in love with your clients, not your profession.”

Or as Vasily Pigin tweeted from the conference:

Thanks, Vasily, for sharing!

If you want more details on why “loving our clients” makes us so productive for them, e-mail Brooke.

Or Dave.

Win-wins abound in our chosen profession. That’s what energizes us every day!

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  • This is simple, awesome and so true! You can tell Brooke walks the talk with this frame of mind. Thanks for sharing!

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