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Bovo-Tighe Participates in 2013 CLO Forum

Over a stormy, rainy two days at the Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, AZ this week, our principals Brooke Bovo and Dave Tighe worked through an intensive two-day schedule of meetings with industry veterans at the 2013 CLO Forum.

They report that the conversations were highly productive for everyone involved:

  • Brooke and Dave shared the latest trends that they have seen that are improving the quality and sustainability of leadership development, including new assessment tools that they have put to great use in launching and tracking development initiatives.
  • They heard from CLOs and other leaders of organizational development about the current challenges of the 21st Century Enterprise (both for-profit and non-profit)

Employee Engagement remains the key challenge:

  • How can each manager-leader make every employee at least 10% more productive by raising that person’s emotional engagement with the organization’s mission? What steps can be taken to sustain that 10%+ gain in productivity by embedding engagement initiatives into the culture (“reweaving the very fabric of the leadership mindset,” from top-level executives to front-line managers)?
  • How to apply new assessment tools to make clear where gaps exist in mindsets and skill sets among existing employee groups (teams, divisions, department, et al.) to focus limited resources better?
  • How to use engagement techniques to raise retention (our “communication that counts” and “pursuit of truth” mindsets resonated strongly on this topic)?
  • How to create a “best place to work” brand that attracts the best candidates?

We work on solving these challenges every day with our clients, so it was a real treat to be able to share our success stories with our peers, and with prospects, and give them a boost in working on more effective solutions.

We very much appreciate the new relationships we started to build at this event, and look forward to deepening them over the next few months.

We are stepping into the fourth quarter of 2013 with a real head of steam! We look forward to bringing value to every client in that time, and making the end of this year incredibly productive for each of them.

How can we help you apply all the latest assessment and development methodologies to raise productivity measurably in the next three months?

Contact us if you have a team of people who could use that kind of boost to bring the year to a rousing close, or kick off 2014 at a fast pace. Or both!


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