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Bovo-Tighe Impressed with Brain Science Behind TTI Assessment Tools

tti success insights meeting notes
Bovo and Bonnstetter

Brooke Bovo with TTI President Dave Bonnstetter

The inquisitive and innovative minds behind TTI Success Insights put on a fabulous annual conference for their partner organizations this month, and Bovo-Tighe sent a team to find out what the future held for the critical assessment tools we use in our work with clients.

As advisors to TTI, we help them understand exactly how the practical application of their tools impacts real people, both professionally and personally, so we always enjoy the chance to take a deep dive into their developmental projects and explore their potential.

Brooke Bovo, Dave Tighe and Kris Hermes all attended, which tells you how important we think the work of TTI is.

What we learned was both exciting and encouraging. TTI is delving actively into the burgeoning field of brain science to enhance their understanding of how the brain works. What drives the adoption of habitual behaviors? How do unconscious biases influence behavior? They are also gaining insights seemingly daily on the ability of the brain to achieve true habit change. Every time scientists discover a new aspect of how the brain is wired, and how it responds to stimuli, Ron Bonnstetter and his team figure out how to apply this new learning to further sharpen TTI assessment tools.

Every improvement they make further enhances our ability as Bovo-Tighe coaches, trainers and mentors to help our clients make their own leadership mindsets and habits more productive and impactful.

In addition to progress in applying basic science to improve outcomes, TTI has also made impressive progress in adapting their tool sets to 21st Century digital communication tools. The goal we share with them is simple:

Contact Button Help ProductivityMake useful awareness-building and habit-improving tools readily available across multiple devices, easy to use, better grounded and more practically applicable. This gives our client executives, directors and managers a faster path to obtaining the practical behavior changes they need to become highly transformational leaders in their industries.

All the news they shared was great, and it won’t stop here. To borrow the catchphrase of the event, “the best is yet to come!”

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