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Bovo Tighe Boosts Productivity by Raising Employee Engagement – Team by Team

Progressing together, in the right direction!

Progressing together, in the right direction!

At Bovo-Tighe, we fix teams for a living. Whether you have a newly formed team that needs a fast launch, or an intact team that needs a kick-start to recapture its old magic, we reconnect your people with their passion for achievement, give them tools to collaborate more productively, and align their newly collaborative, rekindled passion with the organization’s goals.

We work within your current strategic framework and organizational culture. To borrow an old tagline from BASF, the chemicals company:

  • We don’t make your strategy, we make that strategy more effective.
  • We don’t rebuild your culture, we make the current culture work better.
  • We don’t create your teams, we make your teams more creative.

We focus on honing the skills of your human assets. To do that, we run high-touch programming that recognizes the fact that humans are evolving at a much slower pace than the technology around them. Interpersonal skill training still needs the personal touch to fully embed the new behaviors as permanent leadership habits. These critical skills cannot be learned through a screen or via teleconference.

The outcomes are completely up-to-date, though:

We raise team productivity 20-30%, usually in 60-90 days.

Can you think of a team that could use that sort of jump-start to get 2016 rolling more quickly? Send Brooke or Dave a message and schedule a time to talk about it in early November.


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