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Bovo-Tighe at the Offshore Technology Conference

We do a lot of work for companies in the energy business, with BP, Shell and numerous other oil field companies being long-time clients. So, when we visited Houston May 3-5 to take in all the latest in offshore thinking and technology at the OTC, we took the opportunity to gather our clients together to share some social time, exchange ideas and hear about the latest innovations from the Bovo-Tighe team.

Slide 2

Brooke and our guests enjoyed their unstructured time together!

Slide 4

Great conversations flowed during the reception

Slide 5

Groups shared ideas with each other at length

Slide 6

Some intense discussions occurred - but not too many!

Slide 7

Project leader Marilee Robertson with one of her guests

Slide 8

Dave Tighe gets an update from a new client.

Slide 9

Getting off business - Talking about kids

Slide 10

Dave, Steve and Kern explore safety devices at the OTC, a theme close to Bovo-Tighe

Slide 11
At the OTC with a large yellow drilling device

Dave and the boys also examined other high tech drilling gear

What is an employee development outfit doing wandering around a technology conference? Keeping up to date. We do extensive work with oil field team leaders and workers, for instance, improving their leadership skills and employee engagement skills. Knowing their business allows us to more effectively facilitate, coach and mentor them, which leads to better long-term, sustainable results. Plus, it’s just great to sit with clients “off the clock” to get to know them better socially. That is, after all, part of what we teach, and we strive to practice what we preach!

It was great fun, and very enlightening for us. We look forward to coming back to the OTC next year!

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