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Bovo-Tighe’s September Client Newsletter – 2011

Our client newsletter for September focuses on TALENT:

  • How companies attract it in the 21st Century
  • How great leaders retain it

It all starts with your internal or “employee” brand:

  • Are you known in the marketplace as a great place to work? If not, take steps to make that so.
  • Do you walk the talk internally? Do you consistently deliver on your promise to “be a great place to work?”
  • Are you “with it”? Do you fully leverage social media in your recruitment efforts?

This is the core of our work with clients: Creating a corporate culture of full engagement that naturally attracts and keeps the best talent available.

Also in this issue: A reminder that great coaching starts with a clear goal in mind. Bad coaching wanders all over the place (and often ends up in the same place it started.)

Click here to see the newsletter.

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