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As leaves fall, productivity rises. Harvest and focus your Autumn energy!

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In every season, flowers bloom. The bees need that constant renewal to sustain their productivity until the hive goes dormant for winter. So as we enter Fall, keep blooming with fresh energy and new ideas to keep your hive humming.

As we wrote about previously, you and your team can apply the energy and recommitment you gained from your Summer vacations to make the most of your Fall work season.

Let’s lay out some useful mindsets that help you put your restored energy and passion to work:

  • Use September and October as the months to make real progress, reserving November as your “final push” month for those projects that you would like to see finished in 2016.
  • Plan to achieve goals no later than the end of November. Late November must be your target date, leaving time before the year ends to finish final steps, and as catch-up time for missed milestones.
  • Set aside December to tie up loose ends, clean up messy endings, and turn your team to making a productive start to 2017.

How can you use September to launch your team into October and November full of aligned, passionate action?

  • Run an Autumn Organizing Event. Revisit plans with each team. Highlight projects that may have suffered from summer neglect and get them back on track. Cast forward to try to anticipate “October surprises” or “November crises.” Where might issues arise that could derail your group’s Holiday season?
  • Gather lessons “learned and forgotten.” If you gave your mind time to disengage and rest over the Summer, it probably came back to work with fresh perspectives. What new ideas or angles came to people in the last three months? What could be leveraged to improve team productivity or service delivery? Agree on the next steps needed to put these new ideas to work.
  • Reset priorities, and progress points. What is realistic for the next 90 days? Gain agreement on what is possible, and what isn’t.
  • Connect your team to resources and people. What does your team need to succeed? As a transformational leader, it is your role to make the needed connections across the organization to help your people get the team where it wants to go.
  • Share your revised plans of action with your bosses. Get superiors bought in and involved in the plan realignment, recommitment and relaunching process.
  • Review each employee’s personal development plan. Review what you agreed to when you last discussed their personal development.
    • What did each of you promise to do to meet your agreement?
    • What progress have each of you made?
    • Where are the gaps that still need filling?
    • Where must you go from here to ensure a great year-end review for the employee?Help Productivity

How are you going to reset and restart your team next week for the “Fall Productivity Period”? Which of these tools will you utilize?

Let us know how we can help. Your success is our mission, too!

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