Unleashing the full capacity of your people

Appreciate and Better Leverage Your Team’s Capabilities

With all the new time and feedback acquired from refining your dashboard and maximizing time management, it’s a good idea to think about how it can be used to further develop your team. But again, before you can move them towards better, you must first understand where they are. A conversation and review of their output helps, but assessments will do a better job at pinpointing exact areas of improvement and provide you with the development tools necessary for positive change—especially when ran against the DNA Position Analysis. They are the most effective diagnostic and developmental tools we use.

The individual assessments we use help reveal human potential and provide managers with a better understanding of how to best communicate, motivate and manage individuals and the team. They can help managers have better conversations around development, succession planning and productivity with team members. But when it comes to hiring and team development, the DNA Position Analysis is the best tool in our arsenal.

High levels of individual and team performance require clarity around team goals, each person’s specific role in achieving them, great self-awareness, and continuous growth. Particularly important is that a person is clear on which of their strengths can be best leveraged, and precisely how to do that, not just what areas they need to improve. In our award-winning process “The DNA Position Analysis,” Bovo-Tighe works with a small number (typically 5 to 10) of your most knowledgeable stakeholders to develop a clear profile for any job. Any employee or job candidate can be assessed against this profile.

The assessment provides deep insight into an employee’s capabilities, style fit with your organization, and key motivations. Even more powerfully, interview questions can be developed directly from the profile which can be extremely helpful during developmental discussions or an interview process. All potential recruits can be compared to each other against the job profile, giving instant feedback. So, stop guessing and know your team so you can better articulate how you will bring them to a better place!

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