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A Halloween Golden Oldie from 2015: Workplace Zombies!

Bovo-Tighe treat is workplace zombies

Happy Halloween! How much of a drag is it to have on a Tuesday? Teachers are struggling to keep class under control, and parents have to rush home to get the costumes arranged, the candy by the door and the kids ushered around the neighborhood!

And then everyone gets to go back to school and work the next morning. Yikes!

On the other hand, there was a full weekend before the actual day to hold parties and celebrate. Plus, at work Halloween has become quite the bonding activity, especially in offices where costumes can be worn. A little less work might get done, but relationships get a chance to deepen, which will pay off in greater collaborative outcomes over the next few months.

Given all this, some might be feeling just a bit of extra stress. So, we thought we might insert a little humor into your Halloween hustle to give you a chance to smile.

Find below a slideshow from a software company called Workfront, who put together a wonderfully creative take on actual customer survey results about employee engagement two years ago. The creators gave all the data and “personality types” a fun, ghoulish spin for the holiday, putting a “zombie” spin on all the types of negativity that can drag on productivity.

(A lot of people gave us a “thumbs up” for sharing this a few years ago, and I am sure Workfront won’t mind if we share their brand on our site again.)

Click on the image to open the Workfront slide show and read about Workplace Zombies. Who knows? You might just spot someone you know!

All the best, as we launch ourselves into the Holiday Season with a little Trick or Treat!

Workfront Zombie Infographic

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