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Do You Know All the Facets of Employee Engagement?

We have a bulging file of articles and research about employee engagement and it is always refreshing and energizing to check in with some of that data and thinking to keep us focused on what employee engagement is truly all about.

Here is a three-pager on Employee Engagement research done way back in 2004 in the UK that we think might be useful as a quick reminder of all the aspects of HR that underpin a good engagement strategy. Its conclusions support our own Foundations of Excellence philosophy, which focuses on adopting a three-pronged mindset within each employee that drives up engagement, which Bovo-Tighe clients will know well:

  • Unshakable Trust
  • The Pursuit of Truth
  • Commuication that Counts 

In the research summary, the authors presented a graphic that we recreate here:

Factors that drive employee engagement

These facets of employee life capture key areas to work on in creating an environment that encourages engagement. The report ranks these in order of importance based on their own research (based on the UK’s National Health Service) but does note that these factors will shift in importance from organization to organization (safety rises towards the top, for instance, in the energy business). We agree, and left out any reference to relative importance.

Note that “immediate management” can encapsulate how superiors lead and relate to subordinates, which gets a lot of emphasis from us. We also would comment that “job satisfaction” derives from a number of other facets on the list, but could also encompass details about particular job tasks and roles not captured elsewhere on the list. 

What do you think of this? Can it serve as a handy reminder that employee engagement is driven by a mix of factors that all need attention? What gaps do you see that need filling? Let us know in the comment section! We value your feedback on what we post here. It is only our informed opinion, after all! 

For more on our Foundations of Excellence philosophy, click here.

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