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A Culture of Agility Requires a Commitment to the Pursuit of Truth

Pogo Stick Hopping

Agility! Without knowing what is true, you will jump in place instead of forward.

We were recently invited to participate in i4cp’s 2013 survey, Building a Culture of Agility. In their e-mailed invitation, they defined a culture of agility as “organizations with a culture focused on agility are able to move quickly, decisively and effectively, in sensing, responding to and exploiting anticipated or unexpected changes in the business environment.”

This resonates with our passion around the concept of “the pursuit of truth.” You cannot be a transformational leader without a deep appreciation for the seeking of truth in:

  • How your operation functions – warts and all
  • How well your employees are connected to your mission, and how passionate they are
  • What hurdles really exist that inhibit your employee’s ability to contribute at a high level

This Pursuit of Truth must be a foundational mindset within your entire organization. A “culture of agility” is only effective it is operating on a foundation of truth about the workplace environment, the “employee brand” within and without the organization, and its true position in the consumer marketplace. Only with the truth flowing constantly between all players in your business drama, can you make business decisions that will move your agile culture in productive directions.

For more about our Pursuit of Truth philosophy, and how it ties into our Foundations of Excellence human development model, click here.

For more about i4cp, click here.

What do you think about this concept of building a culture of agility? Is your organization making an effort to be more welcoming of change, and creating an environment that thrives on it? What are the steps you are taking to build such a nimble culture? How are you measuring the success of your efforts?

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